To start using the app, do the following steps to assure the best results:


1. When opening app for the first time, make sure to tap "Always While Using App" when asked to user your location.  For more info on this go to the website  “” 


You can always go to your device settings, and select "Privacy", then "Location Services", then "Kountry Riders" and select "Always". 


2. Go to your settings and turn on  the “ Do not Disturb” option.  For more info on this go to the website  “”


This prevents calls or texts from interfering with the ride once started.  You may still use your phone when in this mode without causing any issues. If you do not use this mode, you may be alright if you are concerned with doing this if you are police or firefighters or any type of emergency personnel. 


3. Once connected to the app and signed in, press the “Start Route” wording at the bottom of the route. For more info on this go to the website  “” 


Once you start the route, if you reverse directions before you reach the end point of the ride, the app thinks you are still traveling the same direction and you will continue to get directions as if you are still traveling the original direction.  


4. You must drive across one of the start points of the route to start getting the verbiage and directions. For more info on this go to the website  “” 


While driving the route, you will receive verbal as well as text directions on your phone.  You will also be shown your actual position on the route.


5. If you lose your signal during the drive, do not turn it off and back on.  For more info on this go to the website  “” 


The entire route is downloaded onto your phone once you press the “start route” function.  The phone will continue to give you verbal directions and show the route, just not the background map.


6. The app works in the foreground or Background of your phone.  For more info on this go to the website  “” 


If in the front or foreground of the screen, it uses a lot more battery during the ride.  It can use as much as 50%  to 60% of the phones full charge during a 3-4 hour ride in the front or foreground. To put the app in the foreground, select “settings”---“display”---auto lock then set the desired time out.  To put it the front, where it stays visible full time, select “Never” on this screen.


7. To get reverse directions to return to your starting point from the destination you arrive at, turn the route off and back on and cross the start point you are at.


You can enter the route at any point and hit “Start Route”.  The route will orient you with the closest end point of the trail and direct you to the furthest end point of the trail. The same thing will happen if you turn off the app in mid trail and turn it back on.8. 

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